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The Workplace and Spirituality: New Perspectives on Research and Practice (Skylight Paths, 2009).
Editors: Dr. Joan Marques, Dr. Satinder Dhiman, and Dr. Richard King.

This book is a highly useful one for everyone who wants to make a positive difference at work and elsewhere, starting with the self.

Contributing authors to this timely project were:
Richard Barrett • Margaret Benefiel, PhD • Jerry Biberman, PhD • Kathy Lund Dean, PhD •
Satinder Dhiman, EdD • Frederick T. Evers, PhD • Linda Ferguson, PhD • Charles J. Fornaciari, PhD • Kerry Hamilton, CPCC, ACC • Ellen Hayakawa • Tanis Helliwell, MEd • Craig E. Johnson, PhD • Dr. Richard King • Marjo Lips-Wiersma, PhD • Joan Marques, EdD • James F. McMichael, PhD • Jacqueline Miller • Julia Mossbridge, PhD • Judi Neal, PhD • Robert Rabbin • Birute Regine, EdD • Rev. Lucy Reid • Rabbi Dennis S. Ross • Lance Secretan, PhD

Click here to place your order and to read what leading management thinkers such as Marshall Goldsmith, Ian Mitroff, Patricia Aburdene, Jim Kouzes, and Alex Pattakos have to say about this book!

The Awakened Leader: One Simple Leadership Style that Works Every Time, Everywhere
This book leads the reader into a world of leadership as it worked 2500 years ago, as it currently works, and as it will work 2500 years from now. Awakened Leadership triggers the fascination of corporate, governmental, political, non-profit, entrepreneurial, religious, family, personal, and all other types of leaders in the most profound way. Reviewing leadership from an inside out, and macro-to-micro approach, awakened leadership provides you all the tools you need to achieve your dreams in an ever-changing world.
Publisher: Personhood Press--USA.
Publication date: July, 2007.
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Spirituality in the Workplace: What it Is; Why it Matters; How to Make it Work for You
This book, which I co-authored with Dr. Satinder Dhiman and Dr. Richard King, focuses on the most important matters of working in today's continuously interdependent world. It reviews the prerequisites for enhancing the quality of life in the workplace; while it explains how this approach leads to a more effective and efficient way of getting the job done with an immediate positive impact on the bottom line. This book does away with the erroneous mindset that spiritual workplaces are religious ones. It is based on experiences gathered from a wide range of business leaders in various settings, who all provided their scope on workplace fulfillment for all stakeholders. The most important take-away from this book may be that it provides every reader with a new perspective on work, and how it rewarding, regardless of your position, qualities, background, or education.
Publisher: Personhood Press--USA.
Publication date: July, 2007.
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Interbeing: Thoughts on Achieving Personal and Professional Excellence Toward Greater Mutuality
(ICFAI University Press, Hyderabad, India)

"Joan has injected a healthy dose of holism into the self-improvement genre. Her work is inclusive of all good intentions, gently prodding us to open our partisan vistas to see that they're only part of a much larger space--representative, even necessary--but just pieces, meaningless apart from the whole puzzle".

Dean Huffaker
Managing Editor, Personal Excellence
December 2006
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Seasoned Adages for Modern Day's Leaders: Lessons about Life Presented in 101 Old Sayings Inherited from Africa, Europe, Asia, and the Amazon Forest Indigenous.
This book presents age-old sayings from a small country in South America, Suriname, where Amer-Indians, Indonesians, Africans, Europeans, and Indians created a distinctive culture of diversity, mutuality, and acceptance.
Many of these sayings were developed in slavery time, when the oppressed groups wanted to communicate with each another without letting the Dutch masters know what their conversations were about.
In this book, the sayings will be explained as lessons for our daily life. Everyone who wants to expand their insights in life, and their knowledge on human nature can use them. These sayings are also important affirmations for leaders who want to enhance their emotional intelligence, in order to make more balanced and perceptive decisions.
Publisher: ICFAI Press--India
Publication date: Fall, 2007
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